SJX Jet boat "X" package

The "X" Pack was born from the most requested options by our customers.

The "X" package combines 12 of the most requested optional features

Over the years, our customers were able to start with our standard SJX boat, and select any accessories they wanted, depending on their specific needs for their rivers or lakes. We found that there were 12 items that 85% of our customers would order, and for both production efficiencies and volume cost savings, we were able to offer those items as an “accessory package” we call the “X” package. These items, when they were ordered individually would sell for $6,940 combined. By bundling these items, we are offering the “X” package at a savings of almost $2,000. ($5K flat upcharge for the “X” package.) Customers can still chose the “X” package and request that, for example, 4 of these items not be included. The price of those items will be reduced from the boat, allowing the customer most of the “X” package advantages without having to buy items they may not require or need.
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the sjx "x" package

the 12 "X" Package optional features

  1. Exterior paint- (Boat would be aluminum but still include the SJX graphics
  2. Interior Bed Liner- (Boat would have aluminum interior and alum flooring)
  3. Smartcraft gauge-This 13 function gauge that includes Fuel flow meter, RPM, water pressure, water temp, diagnostic assistance, % of fuel remaining, and more would be replaced with a standard analog tachometer and fuel gauge.
  4. Stomp Grate- This device is mounted on the rear swim deck and allows the operator to stomp down on the spring loaded clean-out device to remove any grass, sticks or rocks that become lodged in the 9 bar jet intake.
  5. Front deck bow hatch- This large, lockable hatch makes great use of the spacious front step deck. Allows the owner to stow a chainsaw, tool boxes, extra life vests, hip boots, etc out of the way of the passengers.
  6. Hull extrusions- These four 2″ square pre-fabricated extrusions are the same size as a trailer ball receiver, and are built into the bow, stern, and rear sides of the boat. Excellent for mounting our optional Winch stem in the event the boat needs to be winched off of a gravel bar.
  7. Single level Control Box- (This single stick controller is great for making emergency maneuvers or when the boat needs to stop immediately. Muck easier and more responsive than the standard dual lever control box, which requires three movements to achieve the same result.(throttle back/reverse shift lever/throttle forward)
  8. Reverse bucket thrusters- These are custom reverse buck extensions that we weld on to provide unmatched stopping ability, even while the boat is on step at cruise or higher RPMs. Simply grab the single lever control and move it quickly from forward to reverse, and the boat stops as if it had anti-lock brakes.
  9. Deluxe SJX Seats- The driver and co-pilot seats in the SJX package are high back custom embroidered, two tone seats vs the standard seats.
  10. Seat storage boxes vs Pedestals– These flip open aluminum seat boxes allow for additional storage under the driver and co-pilot vs the standard seat pedestals. Great handy area to keep additional jackets, hats, boots, etc out of the way and close by when the weather turns.
  11. Cold weather drain down- Before the engine goes into the hull, we drill and tap threads in the side of the lower engine adapter plate and install a removable bolt This process is excellent for areas of the country that see temperatures below freezing in the winter season. Without it the owner risks water being trapped in the exhaust bowl, where it can freeze and blow a gasket, resulting in the need to have the engine lifted and the gasket replaced.
  12. Large passenger glove-box- Excellent space and quick access for binoculars, extra gloves, fishing equipment, tools etc. Also available with a lockable lid as an option.